Book :

Chapter 1

On a January Afternoon….

“ What are you doing ?”
“ Shhhh…. I’ am writing.” Her forefinger continues to draw an elaborate curl and some loops, stopping with a thumb imprint on my naked back. “ What did I write ? Tell me.”
“ I don’t know. Write again. I was enjoying the tickling sensation.” I think the last letter was a ‘U’ and then a thumb imprint which may be ‘ full stop’.
“ Be attentive. Do not spoil my efforts. Concentrate.”
“ OK, baba. I think the last letter was the numerical ‘3’ and then you pressed your thumb. Was it a full stop ?”
“ Am writing all over again.”
I turned on my back to admire her breasts. Immediately I get slapped play fully on the side of my buttock. Her heavy breasts were round and swollen , drooping a bit, their nipples dark. On the side of her nipple of her left breast there is a mole. She is determined to make it easy for me, and her fingers move in a flourish, pausing after each letter to test my attentiveness and understanding. ‘ 1’, I say and she nods excitedly. ‘ S’ – no 2..then ?’ I was at a loss trying to break the concentration and taking the easy way out in pre-empting her thoughts. She was making it difficult now.
“ Its only numericals. Thats the only clue I will give, “ she said.
Now I am laughing too much as I am tickled by her unsympathetically , ‘ 4. I got it.’ Her finger draws an extended arch that starts on my right shoulder and then a loop and then her finger cross my anus to end a bit up on the side. ‘ 3’.
“ So, it is ‘143 ‘?”
“ Yes.”
“ Let me see. 1 for I, 4 for Love and 3 for You. Its an acronym in numerical.”
She nodded.
“ My God. You could have made Euclid proud. Do you know about the Golden Triangle ?”
“ Yes, Delhi – Agra and Jaipur.”
“ No, not that one. Forget it.”
I turned around and tightly embraced her , our bodies entwined. Two naked bodies with her flabby belly resting on my protruding stomach. I was sure it did not make a good picture but then when you are enjoying adultery, one does not care much for scenic creativity.
“ I have a message for you also, but I will not use my finger, “ I said.
I turned around to change our position and placed myself on top of her. Relishing her silky taste of body , I trace the lines with the tip of my tongue across her softness. I use her mid riff to create my ‘ 1’ . This is easy and she animatedly nods. My ‘ 4’ begins with the mole on top of her right breast and ends on the bulge of her left hip with the cut through her cleavage. The loop of the top of ‘ 3’ ends at her right nipple and then the second loop takes in her navel. I don’t stop here and make another ‘3’. I complete my ‘ 1433.’
She is enjoying her understanding , her eyes closed in blissful peace. She uttered , ‘ too’.
I bury my face in her soft pubic hair and then look up again at her. The sun is coming in a streak through the narrow gap of the two curtains. Various people talking simultaneously and in loud voices. Sound of utensils being washed, broom sticks, buckets and overall the sound of water. There is a phobia in Calcutta around water.
We were lying , our bodies entwined and looking at each other. The only sound was that of breathing. I was trying to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. Soon I have to leave her as my time for flight back to Delhi is approaching.
( More next week)…


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