My mother ( aged 70) is now on Facebook…otherwise there maybe tax implications due to her low DFPS…

Like CIBIL score, Aadhar, PAN etc..we will soon have Digital Foot Print Score ( DFPS) comprising of number of followers/ friends on Twitter, Linkedin, FB , et. all . Unless you have a minimum score of social networking  (  measured by DFPS) you will be taxed. Coming to know about this through my ministry conduits,  I recently gifted my seventy year old mother a high end non- Samsung smart phone and made her profile even on Instagram. I was making it on Tumblr, when she asked me, “What is social networking ?”

I had a hard time explaining that  social networking was what you did, to get to know a lot of people who you didn’t know. “How do you do that?”  she asked. By telling them things about yourself . “What sort of things: my BP, my blood sugar count and my LIPID profile?” she  again asked.

A plain introspective question. But apparently it wasn’t my BP or my PAN number people wanted to know about. It seemed that on Facebook people told each other what they did each day, every day. Also composed poems, posted paintings, photos, selfies and gave their political views and expert opinions on all matters, including surrealism. “But you don’t do that every day.” Good point, but I had a ready answer.

No, you are wrong.  Maybe as a matter of everyday routine some of our friends climbed mountains higher than Everest, discovered lost continents, or invented a Botox substitute made from recycled cellulite. And they post. People who socially networked on Facebook led more exciting lives than mine and eventually may also be taxed less. Lets follow them rather than question our tedious lives.

And then it struck me. If you were boring on your own, you were a loser. If you were boring with a whole lot of other people who were as boring as you, you weren’t a loser. If you hang around on streetcorners loafing around you’ll end up a loafer, our mothers used to tell us. And that’s exactly what we’ve grown up to be. Electronic loafers, or e-loafers (which is much safer than loafing around actual streetcorners, where you might catch chikungunya , or be arrested as a suspected terrorist under TADA or POTO, or some other thing that sounds like a psychotic Rottweiler). And the best thing about being an e-loafer is that you’re a loafer not just for life. You’re a loafer beyond life. In a consumption oriented economy this will then lower your present tax rates as your projected DFPS of Life Cycle will increase.

The political voice of the lone citizen is slowly getting drowned out by the loudspeakers of the Government which has adopted social networking. . And God forbid, you say anything that can be interpreted as anti Government, which is quite easy since those who trawl Twitter/ FB  on behalf of the Government are barely literate, you will be mauled in full public view ( poriborton).

With Trump loudly trumpeting his views to his 12 million followers, how can you hear the voice of The Dalai Lama who, in any case, speaks in hushed whispers?

This brings me to my last point: Have we lost the ability to build and sustain new Utopias?  The virtual worlds we build are eventually becoming an exact replica of our own dystopian society.  Hello, honey,  thats the way to go..just post..and post and like and like…rap..rap…

( ack : Nandy & Jug).



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