Holocaust the competition by not sleeping !

So the next time you’re wondering why you’re not one of the world’s great tycoons, scientists, leaders or artists, check out your sleep schedule. I’m certainly not recommending getting less sleep than you need to function comfortably, but everyone has to find his or her own sleep rhythm. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who need very little sleep — if so, you just might be destined for greatness.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, is known to be a workaholic, sometimes clocking as many as 139 hours in a week, which doesn’t leave her much time for sleep. She is said to recharge every quarter by taking weeklong vacation. Michael Dell keeps a grueling schedule and had only 4 hours of sleep. Last week, when I met Shashi Tharoor in Calcutta, he told me that he is not getting more than 4 hours nowadays against his quota of 6. Obama recently complemented Modi by mentioning, “ We compared how much sleep each of us is getting. Turns out Modi is getting even less sleep than me. That is perhaps because he is new. After you have done it for 6 years, you can get an extra hour.” Barack gets 5 now as per WH. My ex-boss and present friend, Rajan sleeps for only four hours and he heads the leader in search engine for 30% of the world geo. Am sure there are lots of examples of people who are intoxicated by success inspite of not hearing the butterflies or smelling the birds’ chirping to their full senses.

How can you live a life with so little sleep ? Well, if you are hell bent on becoming the ubiquitous brand. Is this a Hitlerian trait ? It is almost unknown that Hitler did not drink alcohol or smoke, or that he was a vegetarian. Without insisting that anyone follow his example, he held like iron to his self-established principles. He worked amazingly hard. Not only did he head the enormous apparatus of the National Socialist movement, he made strenuous speaking tours. Today he is in Königsberg, tomorrow in Berlin, the next day in Munich, all this with a minimum of sleep since the Führer usually worked into the early hours of the morning. Much like a modern day CEO ! Hitler was a single face which transformed the nation after the absolute dominance of Marxism in an unconnected world. So boring ! Memories are easier when connected !

Hitler is a universal spirit to holocaust the competition. If he would have been in this era, he might have started a social networking site of ‘pure Aryan race’ by weeding out all ‘Untermensch’ like Jews, gypsies and Slavs. Full stop on Hitler now and my pet Alsatian is also barking at a new smell.

Is it because of your DNA that your are hell bent on becoming the leader, though your name will be in oblivion within a few weeks after your death ? Or is it due to your dominant spirit or bad first marriage ? Or is it due to your impulsive nature that you want to Holocaust the competition ! Work like a man possessed. Can you be a Newton sleeping on a workbench ! Just imagine a FB snap becoming viral of a CEO indulging in that .

Blasphemy ! Sacrilege ! Call up the Inquisition. Bring on the thumbscrews on this thinking ! Or sleep facing North to have the creativity of Diekens. IMG_1522


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