Mera Baraat Mahan : by Narendra Modi

Modi is leaving for a Europe & Canada tour from tomorrow. Knowing his penchant to come out with buzzwords and catchy slogans, one of the things that he can market is ‘ Marry in India’. Considering the large Diaspora of Indians in these countries, Canada in particular, ‘ Marry in India’ is a natural corollary of ‘ Make in India’. Make your marriage in India. For Europeans, he can offer Indian standard of stability in marriage as an add-on. Marriage in India is witnessed by millions of our Gods and Goddesses plus the barat, adding to the strength of cement. 100% FDI is allowed in this industry – the big fat Indian wedding business. Every two phera is 25% FDI and one is added as free to tighten the ropes of marriage. He does not have to pass this through Rajya Sabha and none will file a PIL for this. The announcement will become the law with the only caveat, may bethat the preacher in this case does not have a great experience in that domain.

Weddings in India are big businesses, and getting bigger, giving employment to hundreds of thousands and a boost to the national economy. If medical tourism has become a money-spinner for India, marriage tourism could be an even bigger cash cow. Indeed, the ‘Make in India’ initiative could profitably be extended to include a ‘Marry in India’ invitation.

India could emerge as the nuptial nation of the world, with bridal parties from across the globe flocking to it as an international matrimonial hub. The best thing is that, unlike other forms of manufacturing – be it of cars, or smartphones, or defence equipment – the manufacture of marriage doesn’t require much by way of smart infrastructure.

While ‘Make in India’ involves setting up large factories, which will need huge amounts of unavailable bijli to run, land acquisition bill and an extensive network of roads and highways to carry in raw materials and carry out finished products, ‘Marry in India’ doesn’t need any of this, just a stockpile of hay for the grooms’ ghodis. And making hay will remain the same after 3D printing comes in.

‘Mera Baraat Mahaan’, with specialized wedding content. A special Department under Ministry of External Affairs with a Additional Secretary wooing NRIs and FDI into destination Udaipur, Jaipur, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pondicherry and Darjeeling. RBI relaxing remittances of Forex for SPVs formed for Indian Weddings of NRI/Foreigners. Endless possibilities.


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