Dear Prime Minister

Indians love brands but not selfies, thanks to a certain Gandhi

Dear Prime Minister,

Hope I did not catch you while packing for your next trip overseas. How stupid of me ! Obviously you have yankeys who packs for you.

The AAP victory says not as much about the BJP or for that matter about AAP but indeed a lot about us Indians. And a lot to do with Congress. As an analyst , I thought I would share with you some enduring insights of the recent change in mood.

• Congress is one of the most intelligent parties in India. They have ruled us over 5 decades and they know the Indian psyche. I have not seen them throwing off money recently. They have silently supported AAP in Delhi to the extent that their own cadres have casted their votes in favour of AAP candidates. They effectively told you on face that they will stand up soon. Watch out for Bihar and then in West Bengal.

• Indians love an active leader: we had semi-comatose leaders for the last 10 years or so, which is why when you came on the scene with all the bluster and aggression, every Indian loved it. One of my friend compared you with Maggi…but we had leaders with charisma and less content. Indians even like Nitish Kumar. They loved the fact that they had a Prime Minister who was communicating, who was challenging the quid pro quo and whipping the bureaucracy into shape. They loved the fact that you were able to call Barack , which even Michelle does with some hesitation. They loved the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, except for the Bollywood trap you fell into. So, the love affair began. But, then, with Indians by and large, love affairs don’t last. They don’t believe in love – they believe in marriage. The Indian citizen wants you to consummate. Crude prices played in your favour but we are sure ,oblivious of global cues, you will deliver.

• Indians love it when people make fun of other people but, not when it is at their expense. You remember you made fun of Mani Shankar Aiyer when he called you a chaiwallah? But, at that time you were David, not Goliath. Today, you are the Goliath and Arvind Kejriwal is the David. And Indians love the underdog. They like to believe that, by supporting the underdog, they are getting some karmic benevolence. They have started liking Mamata Banerjee also and recently Shiv Shena too after your bonhomie with Mr. Pawar. My advice to you would be stick to what you know best: development and nothing else.

• Indians hate to see their leaders happy. In their lament and poverty, lies our eternal happiness. The past Karma has to be borne for a better one in next life. Shoot the man who gifted you that Holland & Sherry suit length with your name etched on it. Indians love brands but not selfies where brands are concerned. They like to believe their leaders are austere, thanks to a certain Gandhi.

• Indians love to see their heroes fail. They want to tell people that they see through the real you, when in reality they have no clue. Remember Bhagat, Subhas, et all. We are an impatient race who does not believe in gratitude. To a fault. We are loyal only to our self-serving needs and the good is always interred with the bones (due apologies to Shakespeare) and the evil lives long after. Besides, we are terribly fickle.

Reduce your public appearances; say less and do more and hunker down. You are still India’s best, if not, only bet.
( Courtesy : Suhel Seth).


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