Struggling to earn a living

Hey: Come on, on a Sunday I was travelling from Calcutta to Mumbai. Also because my boss wanted me to visit all the clients at Mumbai and hustle some sponsorships. Why do we have to struggle so much to earn a respectable living.

After checking into the Pali Hill Guest House, I started walking to get a bottle of whisky for myself. Have to survive on something for the entire week. Linking road was full of maddening crowd. The females in Mumbai are bindass and wear all possible types of fashion. Seems some have got airlifted from Gurgaon to Mumbai. I could find all types of people , of different ethnicity and hues. The liquor shop is a mile away , unlike Gurgaon where you get one shop every half kilometre.

On way back had Pani puri at Rs. 20. Not a match at all for Phuchka of Calcutta. Though much better than Golgappa of Delhi. And at Rs. 12 the famous Vada Pav of Mumbai. Street food is still cheap here. Though the whisky is almost double that of Haryana.

Writing after many days. Feels good to give some shape to your thoughts. Now back in room to clear mails and be ready for the grind of tomorrow.


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