Benefits of Mediocrity

Mediocrity is climbing molehills without sweating.

I have done some very mediocre things in life. Like I started bunch of companies and failed in most of them. I did some paintings which I do not like now. I consider myself to be a stock market expert and give expert advice but lose money personally in the market. After some years of investing in start ups, I am reconciled that I cannot make it big. I just don’t have it in me. Currently I am looking for a job but no one takes me as I am too mediocre.

Nothing to be ashamed off in being mediocre. In fact I have come to realise that geniuses are all loners. They most often have a miserable marriage and are left in isolation. We cant be all Bill Gates or Salvador Dali’s. Aiming at grandiosity may be the fastest route of failure. People like mirroring, people mentally align with people who are like them. And most of them are Jack Zuckermens and not Mark Zuckerberg. Who is Jack Zuckerman ? I have no idea.  But if you want to follow a simple happy mediocre life you should follow some of the following habits :

Most mediocre people delay things. Postpone and sit on it.  They take a break. You are doing something which you don’t like and you are better off delegating. You back off a bit and think more about what you are pitching to a client. You simply procrastinate. I need to take sometime off after writing a novel for some hours. Or after meeting a client, I take a break. I am sure Dhirubhai Ambani never needed the time off.

Single tasking is the mantra. Only great people can do multitasking. If I am doing day trading and a ring comes on my mobile I get irritated. If the call continues I make some errors and lose money on the Buy or Sell option. It is easy to do the variance calculation when there is a call and when there is none, by calculating the money I have made or lost, during those hours or day. Just do one thing at a time. When you take a bath, feel the sensation of hot or cold water ( depending on the season) trickle down your spine. Do not think of anything at all on most of the times as the greatest creativity comes out of silence.

I have made so many failures in my career that I am ashamed to recount them. Bill Gates never failed. Larry Page did not. Ultimately life is a statement of failures, punctuated by some successes. Persistence pays. Persistence is having successive failures but continue to do the same failures. That is a hugely likeable characteristic of mediocrity. Keep on falling till accidentally you do not fall any more. We love to criticise others’ failures so that we no longer feel bad about failing ourselves.

Innovativeness is not always desirable. Me-Too s’ make a decent living. So by being mediocre we churn out ideas which are followers and emulate others Nothing wrong in that. Twitter, with all its limitations became successful. There is no formula of success. It is pure providence and hence originality is not required. Being mediocre is perfect and makes us feel religious.

Mediocre people don’t want to hear a ‘No.’ They expect a Yes and go to any extent to do a deal. After the deal is done they have a smart-shopper perception and brag about it. If you have a fish-tank show it to others. More you show, the better it is as people start showing you theirs as well. People start liking you as you are one of them and still have a fish-tank like them. Being mediocre gives a lot of contentment.

Mediocre people judge people poorly and doing post mortem is their favourite past-time. They do not trust their first instincts and they may be correct. They take their time and first be critical of the others past actions. Then will start mixing the professional criticism with the personal criticism. You may not be a change agent by being mediocre but at least you are honest.

We need honest, decent, ethical characters who will work for a living. Who will feel insecure at any change. The routine becomes our life and any attempt to break that will be strongly dealt with. We collectively improve the valuation of a company and that of a country.


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